Crystals, crystals, crystals!

To accompany my on-going crystal paintings (which I have been very bad about keeping up on because of the holiday season madness, colds, and job changes, etc.), I created a set of stickers! 

Inspired by the multi-faceted and geometric forms of crystal clusters and points, along with their eye-catching colors and prismatic surfaces, I created a set of large sized aura crystal stickers. Aura quartz, which has a wide spectrum of colors, is a very unique looking man-made stone. A chemical process is used to expose natural quartz to wide varieties of metals that result in flashy colored crystals with glossy multi-colored surfaces. One of the best knows and most popular aura quartz crystals is angel aura quartz, which is fused with platinum or silver to achieve its beautifully luminescent colors. But I'm not an expert!

Lavender aura quartz sticker

A few may already be familiar with the ones that I made late last year (I can't believe it's 2017) includes my favorite and most popular of the set, lavender aura.

Aqua aura quartz sticker

The second most popular, aqua aura crystals, are made by fuming quartz crystals with gold! But the ones I'm selling are just die-cut vinyl and glitter. And are probably a little cheaper for their size than the real thing. 

Pink aura quartz sticker

A couple more than I've made since, I haven't had the chance to properly introduce. Those two being the pink aura quartz crystal which I've seen very cutely named "cotton candy aura quartz" for it's peppy bright pink color and, finally, green apple aura quartz. Both the pink and green quartz look like huge chunks of sugary rock candy in real life. Please don't try to eat my stickers if you buy them, it's not recommended for your health.

Green apple aura quartz sticker

And with a new year, new art will come! Now if I could just find a scanner big enough to handle large canvases, that would be great.